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Small Semi automatic Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Making Machine Egg Tray Carton Machine

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Young Bamboo Waste Paper Recycling Egg Cartons Machine Making Molds Paper Egg Tray Machine

Production Capacity
Raw material

Waste Paper

3000 kg
Place of Origin

Henan, China
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Small Semi automatic Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Making Machine Egg Tray Carton Machine,

Egg Tray Machine is the machine which can use all kinds of waste paper as the raw material to produce egg tray, egg box, egg carton, apple tray and other packing products etc. by changing different moulds. It has received good reputation for its good quality, high output, low energy-consuming and low maintenance.


The raw material use general waste paper, like old book, newspaper.carton books ,etc

Product Description

Egg tray making machine

Paper Egg Tray Machine is used to process raw material waste paper into egg tray/carton/box, bottle holder, fruit tray and shoe cover etc. Whole production will be finished by one production line. In this production line, their main engine has three types:  reciprocating type,  Tumblet Type and rotation typewhich working method is different. Usually rotation type machine capacity is bigger.

About dryer, if you choose reciprocating type production line, because of small capacity, you can dry them naturally also can be dry using our cart-type dryer. On account of bigger capacity tumblet type and rotation type, you can choose mesh-belt dryer to dry tray.

Mould can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

Working Process

The raw materials are mainly from various pulp boards such as reed pulp, straw pulp, slurry, bamboo pulp and wood pulp, and waste paperboard, waste paper box paper, waste white paper, paper mill tail pulp waste, etc. Waste paper, widely sourced and easy to collect. The required operator is 5 people/class: 1 person in the pulping area, 1 person in the molding area, 2 people in the cart, and 1 person in the package.

egg tray production process

Product Paramenters

Machine Model 1*3 1*4 3*4 4*4 4*8 5*8 5*12 6*8
Yield(p/h) 1000 1500 2500 3000 4000-4500 5000-6000 6000-6500 7000
Waste Paper(kg/h) 80 120 160 240 320 400 480 560
Water(kg/h) 160 240 320 480 600 750 900 1050
Electricity(kw/h) 36 37 58 78 80 85 90 100
Workshop Area 45 80 80 100 100 140 180 250
Drying Area No need 216 216 216 216 238 260 300

Note:1.More plates ,more less water use
2.Power means the main parts,not include dryer line
3.All fuel use proportion are calculated by 60%
4.single dryer line length 42-45 meter,double layer 22-25 meter,multi layer can save workshop area

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Customizable Molds

egg tray machine (15)

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