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6 lines facial tissue paper machine automatic tissue paper production line

Short Description:

The embossed facial tissue machine embosses, folds, counts, and slits the cut tissue paper to make it a napkin with a clear pattern, neat, and beautiful appearance.The entire processing is done by the machine at once.The machine has a high degree of automation, good quality, fast speed and high efficiency. It is an ideal special equipment for the post-processing of toilet paper.

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A paper pumping machine is an equipment for the production of paper pumping.The slotted disc paper is cut by a spiral knife roller, and the interlocking folds into a chain-type rectangular facial tissue pumping paper.

Finished product type: It can produce two types of soft pumping paper and boxed pumping paper (except that the packaging machines selected are different, and the pumping machines are the same). Soft pumping paper can be used in family life, carry it with you, or print advertisements in packaging bags for restaurants; Boxed pumping paper can be used in gas stations, KTV and restaurants. Use outer boxes to advertise.

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Product Parameters

Machine Model YB-2L/3L/4L/5L/6L/7L/10L
Product Size(mm) 200*200(Other Size are Available)
Raw paper weight(gsm) 13-16 gsm
Paper Core Inner Dia φ76.2mm(Other Size are Available)
Machine Speed 400-500 pcs/Line/minute
Embossing Roller End Felt Roller,Wool Roller,Rubber Roller,Steel Roller
Cutting system Pneumatic point cut
Voltage AC380V,50HZ
Controller Electromagnetic speed
Weight Depending on the model and configuration to the actual weight

Working Principle

Slitting system: It consists of a saw belt, a pulley and a working plate. The working plate has a product size adjustment device to make the product adjustable.
Folding and forming: With the main motor running, the folding arm mechanism of the folding manipulator is matched, the yaw angle, the position of the adjustable arm and the length of the connecting rod are adjusted (the folding forming is not necessary after adjustment).
Misalignment Counting and Stacking: Adjust the budget of the counting controller. When the number reaches a fixed value, the relay drives the cylinder to produce the displacement of the finished exit platen.

Related Products

Automatic log saw cutting machine


Model YB-ARC28
Cut length 60-200mm
Working speed 30-200 cut/min
Cutting precision ±1mm
Sharpening system Cylinder ,automatic sharpening
Compressed air 0.5-0.8 Mpa
Voltage AC380V 50HZ
Power 7kw
Weight 2500kg

YB-2/3/4 Lines facial tissue machine don’t need this log saw cutting machine, will directly cut on facial tissue machine.YB-5/6/7/10 Lines facial tissue machine will need this log saw cutting machine for cutting facial tissue
Full automatic packing machine


Generally, the combination of the facial tissue machine and the packing machine is:
YB-2/3/4 Lines facial tissue machine + semi automatic packing machine
YB-5/6/7/10 Lines facial tissue machine + automatic log saw cutting machine + full automatic packing machine

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