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Small egg tray equipment/egg tray machine/automatic egg tray production line

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The pulp molding system can use all kinds of waste paper to produce high quality molded fibre products. Such as, egg trays, egg boxes, apple trays, meat portion trays, vegetable portion trays, fruit portion trays, strawberry punnets, kidney trays, wine packs, can trays, seed pots, seed cubes, etc.

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Small egg tray equipment/egg tray machine/automatic egg tray production line,
Small Egg Tray Equipment egg Tray Machine automatic Egg Tray Production Line,

Product Description

egg tray machine (18)

The 3×1 egg tray machine is a 1000-piece equipment with a template length of 1200*500 and an effective size of 1000*400 for abrasive placement. It can produce egg trays, egg boxes, coffee trays, and other industrial packaging.The number of mold closing times in one minute is 6-7 times, and 3 pieces of egg trays can be produced in one version (other products calculate the number of pieces according to the actual size).This machine is simple to operate, with one-button start and stop.

Product Paramenters

Machine Model 1*3/1*4 3*4/4*4 4*8/5*8 5*12/6*8
Yield(p/h) 1000-1500 2500-3000 4000-6000 6000-7000
Waste Paper(kg/h) 80-120 160-240 320-400 480-560
Water(kg/h) 160-240 320-480 600-750 900-1050
Electricity(kw/h) 36-37 58-78 80-85 90-100
Workshop Area 45-80 80-100 100-140 180-250
Drying Area No need 216 216-238 260-300

1.More plates ,more less water use
2.Power means the main parts,not include dryer line
3.All fuel use proportion are calculated by 60%
4.single dryer line length 42-45 meter,double layer 22-25 meter,multi layer can save workshop area

Feature Advantage

The raw materials are mainly from various pulp boards such as reed pulp, straw pulp, slurry, bamboo pulp and wood pulp, and waste paperboard, waste paper box paper, waste white paper, paper mill tail pulp waste, etc. Waste paper, widely sourced and easy to collect. The required operator is 5 people/class: 1 person in the pulping area, 1 person in the molding area, 2 people in the cart, and 1 person in the package.



1. Pulping system
Put the raw material into the pulper and add an appropriate amount of water for a long time to stir the waste paper into pulp and store it in the storage tank.
2. Forming system
After the mold is adsorbed, the transfer mold is blown out by the positive pressure of the air compressor, and the molded product is blown from the molding die to the rotary mold, and is sent out by the transfer mold.
3. Drying system
(1) Natural drying method: The product is dried directly by weather and natural wind.
(2) Traditional drying: brick tunnel kiln, heat source can choose natural gas, diesel, coal, dry wood
(3) New multi-layer drying line: 6-layer metal drying line can save more than 30% energy
4. Finished product auxiliary packaging
(1) Automatic stacking machine
(2) Baler
(3) Transfer conveyor

egg tray machine (49)
egg tray machine (64)

Egg tray machine is a kind of machine which absorbs paper pulp-the raw material, on the surface of mould by vacuum to get various shape and ratio of wet and dry by regulating time. Our egg tray machines select high quality electronic devices and pneumatic components and are fully designed by computer assistant engineering and high technology. It has been proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy saving. There are various types and output of egg tray making machines can be supplied by our company, such as 1000~1500pcs per hour,2000~3000pcs per hour, 4000~6000pcs per hour, and so on .You only can tell me what capacity machine do you want,our professional engineer will design the most suitable machine for you!

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