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YB-1880 automatic toilet paper roll making rewinding machine

Short Description:

Toilet paper rewinding machine is a kind of special equipment for paper, mica tape and film. Its purpose is to rewind the paper rolls (called base paper rolls) produced by the paper machine in turn, and the paper is rewinded into finished paper factory.

The rewinding process mainly completes three tasks: First, cut off the raw edges of the base paper; Second, cut the entire base paper into several widths that meet the user specifications; Third, control the roll diameter of the finished paper roll to make it meet the factory specifications. 

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Product Description


Automatic High Speed Toilet Paper/ Maxi Roll Rewinding Machine is for toilet paper roll/maxi roll processing. Machine have core feeding unit, can do both with and without core. Raw material from jumbo roll after full embossing or edge embossing, then perforation, end cutting and spray the tail glue become a log. Then it can working with cutting machine and packing machine to become the finished products. The machine is controlled by PLC, people operate it through touch screen, the whole process is automatic, easy  to operate, lower the man cost. And Our machine can special-made according to clients' requirements. 

Product Parameters

Item Toilet Paper Making Rewinding Machine
Model Number YB-1880
Paper Width 1880mm
Finished Diameter 50-1880mm adjutable width
Base Diameter 1200mm(Other size are available)
Jumbo Roll Core Diameter Standard 76mm
Process Capability 80~280m/min
Back Stand Standard three layersynchronous transmission
Parameter Setting PLC computer operating system interface
Perforation Pitch 2: 150~300mm 3: 80~220mm
Pneumatic System The 3 horse air compressor,a minimum pressure of 5kg/cm2Pa
Power Stepless variable speed
Weight 2800kg
Dimension 6200*2600*800mm

Working Process 01


Working Process 02


Product Features

1, PLC used in automatic rewinding, automatic delivery of finished products, immediately reset rewinding, automatic trimming, spray glue, sealing synchronization once completed. Instead of the traditional waterline trimming, to achieve a new trimming sticky tail technology, finished products left 10mm-20mm tail, easy to use. To achieve a loss of paper tail, thereby reducing costs.
2, PLC used in the finished product in the rewinding process before the first loose, to solve the finished product for a long time storage, loose core phenomenon.
3, the application of the original paper monitoring system, broken paper automatically shut down. In the high-speed operation of the process, real-time monitoring of the base paper to reduce the loss caused by broken paper to ensure the normal operation of high-speed equipment.

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