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Manual bagging tissue paper single-head packaging machine for napkin tissue and facial tissue

Short Description:

This machine is suitable for soft pumping paper / hood / party bag / napkin / towel paper and paper packaging, using advanced PLC computer programming control, folding fork angle, seal as a whole, horizontal flat packing mode of operation , conveyor belt heated to high temperatures, sealing both ends of the flat, packing effects more full.

Technology data:

1.Packing speed: 8-12 bag/min

2.packing size(LXWXH):(30-200) X (90-100) X (50-100)mm (size should be selected)

3.Machine Power: 2.4 Kw (220V 50Hz)

4.Gas: 0.4 Mpa 0.3 m³/min

5.Weight of Equipment: 0.4T

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

1.Tissue paper packing machine automatic paper sealing machine is used for soft removable paper,towels.napkins,quadrate paper bag sealing of semiautomatic packaging and waste cutting after artificial bagged;
2.PLC computer programming control,LCD display. can be set up to relevant system parameters,realized the man-machine dialogue. more precise control;
3.It needs 1 persons operate, can be directly connected in bag packaging machine and faster, more save manpower,greatly improve the production efficiency.reduce manufacturing cost  and management cost, aiso the space of production;
4.Beautiful and neat sealed, accurate control, full& half automation;
5.Reasonable structure.stable performance.strong material,water-cooled protection for heat  wire,make the heating wire and high temperature resistant adhesive durable;
6.It can 2 selectionfor operation:double head  or single head: induction before working,more safe to use;can be used for various products packaging

Product Paramenters

packing speed 8-12 packages/min
power supply 220V/380V 50HZ
air pressure 0.4MPA (self prepare)
total power


Packing size (30- 200) mm x ( 90-100) mm x (50-100) mm
Dimension 3600mmx 1700mmx 1500mm
Weight 400KG



Product Features

1.Suitable for automatic packing and sealing of all kinds of facial tissue, tissue in bags.

2.Integrated electrical automation production, operation is simple.

3.Key working parts use stainless steel material.

4.Advanced PLC and screen monitor for easy and accurate control and adjustment.

5.Adjustable water cooled dual temperature control enable different bag material choice and excellent sealing effect.

6.Full machine speed is more faster,more saving artificial,reducing the cost of production,and improving the efficiency of production.

7.The machine has reasonable structure,stable performance,hard materials,durable,the main parts of controlling is importing high quality component,and the rest of parts if the national standard high quality parts.

Product Details

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