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1*4 waste Paper Pulp Molding Drying Egg Tray Making Machine

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1. low invest, high profit, suitable for small business

2. Environmental friendly, waste water can recycle, no pollution

3. Easy operation, no need installation

4. Low power consumption

5. When replace mould, final product can customized.

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egg tray machine (10)

Our egg tray machines are used in a wide range of applications, such as egg tray with lid,30 pcs duck egg tray ,Fruit tray,Wine tray,Cup tray, ect.
If you wants to make a special shape of the egg tray, you can send us the design drawings or samples,.Our engineers will design according to the customer's requirements. If you wants to customize the company logo on the egg tray, we can do it too.
Our forming machines adopt advanced PLC programmable controller; selecting of high quality electronic devices and pneumatic components; using stainless steel pulp barrels with high performance and long service life. For more detailed requirements, please contact us.
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1. More plates ,more less water use
2. Power means the main parts,not include dryer line
3. All fuel use proportion are calculated by 60%
4. single dryer line length 42-45 meters,double layer 22-25 meters, multi layer can save worshop area

egg tray machine (13)

Product Paramenters

Machine Model YB-3*1 YB-4*1 YB-3*4 YB-4*4 YB-4*8 YB-5*8
Capacity (pcs/h) 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 5000
Total Power (KW) 32 45 58 78 80 85
Paper Consumption(kg/h) 120 160 200 280 320 400
Water Consumption (kg/h) 300 380 450 560 650 750
Workshop Area (sq.m.) 45 45 80 80 100 100

Product Features

Product 3D schematic diagram


Pulp system
Feed the waste paper and water into the pulping machine, and after about 20 minutes of high-concentration stirring, the pulp is
automatically transported to the pulp storage tank for storage and stirring. Then the slurry is transported to the slurry tank by
the slurry supply pump and stirred to the required consistency, and then transported to the forming machine.

Molding system
1. The molding machine adsorbs the pulp pumped into the hopper of the molding machine to the molding machine mold, and adsorbs the pulp to the molding machine mold through the suction of the vacuum system, and sucks the excess water into the gas-water separation tank. The water pump is pumped into the pool for storage.
2. After the mould of the forming machine absorbs the pulp and forms it, the manipulator of the forming machine takes out the finished product and sends it to the drying conveyor belt.


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