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Customized 1/6 embossed folding napkin making machine

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High-speed napkin machine is used for raw paper by embossing, folding, electronic counting, cutting processing into a square napkin, automatic embossing folding in the production process, without manual folding, another napkin pattern can be made according to the needs of users a variety of clear and beautiful patterns.

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Paper napkin making machine tissue is making large bobbin paper rolls into folding embossing and printing square or rectangular napkins.and total includes 3 types napkin machines: colorless napkin machine, 1 color printing napkin machine, 2 color printing napkin machine.

Young Bamboo paper napkin machine,The color printing embossing tissue Napkin folding making machine can finish the full process which is including embossing, printing, folding and cutting the paper into square or rectangular-shaped napkin. Machine is equipped with color printing unit which can print various clear and bright patterns and design of logo , high procession ceramic anilox roller, making the water ink equally spread .it is the ideal equipment for making better quality and high-grade napkins.

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Product Parameters

Model 250 275 300 330 400 450 500
Product folding size(mm) 125*125 137.5*137.5 150*150 165*165 200*200 225*225 250*250
Product unfolding size(mm) 250*250 275*275 300*300 330*330 400*400 450*450 500*500
Width of raw material(mm) 250 275 300 330 400 450 500

Product Features

1. The whole machine is variable frequency speed regulation, step less speed regulation is used for unwinding, and the functional parameters are adjustable;
2. 1/4 or 1/6 or 1/8 fold can be produced according to requirements, other folding methods can be specified;
3. Can be equipped with color printing device, using flexography printing;
4. Pneumatic paper loading device;
5. Automatic counting function;
6. Automatic shutdown system for paper breaking;
7. The production speed is fast, the noise is low, and it is suitable for family-style production.

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Product Details

Napkin machine pneumatic paper and synchronous transmission function


Napkin machine embossing roller


Napkin machine color printing unit


Napkin machine Folding knife holder


Napkin machine control system


Napkin machine cutting function


Napkin tissue paper packing machine


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