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YB-4 lane soft towel facial tissue paper making machine

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The full name of the facial tissue machine is the boxed facial tissue machine. It is the most common type of boxed facial tissue machinery and equipment. It processes the cut tissue and folds it into facial tissues. After the box is packed, it becomes a pumping boxed facial tissue machine. When used, one piece after another is drawn out of the box, which is convenient and trouble-saving.The boxed facial tissue machine adopts vacuum adsorption and automatic counting and stacking devices, which have the advantages of fast speed and accurate quantity. It is an advanced equipment for the production of boxed facial tissues.

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Young Bamboo company can supply all the whole production line of facial tissue paper making machines, including Facial Tissue Paper Folding Machine, Facial Tissue Paper Log Saw Cutting Machine Packing Machine, Facial Tissue Paper 3 D Packaging Machine, Facial Tissue Paper Bundling Packing Machine and other household paper products production machines.

Product Process

facial tissue machine (1)

Commodity: Facial Tissue Paper Folding Machine

Model: YB-180-650
Folding speed:5400-500 pcs/ min/ row
Max diameterφ:1200mm
Core inner diameterφ:76.2mm
Power type:380V 50Hz
Machine total power:11KW
Pressure:> 4kg/cm²
Embossing: Customized
Machine size:6000*3200*1900mm
Machine weight:4500KG

Commodity : Facial Tissue Paper Log Saw Cutting Machine

Model: YB-ARC28
Cutting length tolerance:±1mm
Cutting speed:0-150 cuts/min
Cutting lane:1 or 2
Operation speed:≤120cuts/min
Function type: The paper cutting knife operates automatically while the paper moves forward
Machine total power:6.5KW
Programming control: PLC
Parameter set: Touch screen
Machine size: 2550*1520*1100mm

Machine weight:2000KG
log saw cutting (8)

Commodity : Facial Tissue Paper 3 D Packaging Machine

Model: YB-X100H
Packaging Materials :CPP、PE double side heat seal CPP and PE
Design production rate:≤110 pack/min
Paper length suitable range:120mm-210mm
Paper height adaptable:40mm-100mm
Paper towel width suitable range:90-105mm
The compressed air pressure:≥5MPA
Power type:380V/50HZ
Machine total power:6.8KW
Production speed:80-100 pack/min
Packing way: Three-dimensional packaging
Machine Size: 4750*3760*2160mm
Machine weight:3000KG

Product Parameters

Machine Model
Product Size(mm)
200*200(Other Size are Available)
Raw paper weight(gsm
13-16 gsm
Paper Core Inner Dia
φ76.2mm(Other Size are Available)
Machine Speed
400-500 pcs/Line/minute
Embossing Roller End
Felt Roller,Wool Roller,Rubber Roller,Steel Roller
Cutting system
Pneumatic point cut
Electromagnetic speed
Depending on the model and configuration to the actual weight

Machine details

facial tissue machine (3)

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Generally, the combination of the facial tissue machine and the packing machine is:
YB-2/3/4 Lines facial tissue machine + semi automatic packing machine
YB-5/6/7/10 Lines facial tissue machine + automatic log saw cutting machine + full automatic packing machine

Semi automatic packing machine
1. Paper box sealing machine


2. Plastic bag facial tissue packing machine
Also have Double station Plastic bag facial tissue packing hot sealing machine


Automatic log saw cutting machine
Single channel large rotary cuts


Full automatic packing machine
Automatic 3D plastic bag facial tissue packing machine


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