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YB-3L automatic facial tissue paper machine production line with tissue cutting machine

Short Description:

This kind of facial tissue folding machine is mainly used for slitting, folding, electronic counting, and cutting rolled paper, which is cut well into square or rectangular facial tissue. If you need machine with embossing design, it can be customized according to your detailed requests.

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Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine use tissue jumbo roll to folded into "V" type paper processing equipment.The machine adopts the vacuum adsorption principle and auxiliary manipulator folding.
This Tissue Paper Making Machine is composed of a paper holder, a vacuum fan, and a folding machine. The extractable facial tissue machine cuts the cut base paper by a knife roller and alternately folds it into a chain-shaped rectangular or square facial tissue.

tissue machine (18)

Technical Parameters

Model 2 Lines 3 Lines 4 Lines 5 Lines 6 Lines 7 Lines 10 Lines
Raw paper width 450mm 650mm 850mm 1050mm 1250mm 1450mm 2050mm
Raw paper weight 13-16 gsm
Original core inner dia 76.2 mm
Final product size unfolded 200x200 mm or customized
Final product size folded 200x100 mm or customized
Folding Vacuum absorption
Controller Electromagnetic speed
Cutting system Pneumatic point cut
Capacity 400-500 pcs/Line/minute
Voltage AC380V,50HZ
Power 10.5 10.5kw 13kw 15.5kw 20.9kw 22kw 26kw
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Machine size 4.9x1.1x2.1m 4.9x1.3x2.1m 4.9x1.5x2.1m 4.9x1.7x2.1m 4.9x2x2.1m 4.9x2.3x2.2m 4.9x2.5x2.2m
Machine weight 2300kg 2500kg 2700kg 2900kg 3100kg 3500kg 4000kg


Function&Advantages of Tissue Paper Making Machine:
1. Automatic counting points a whole row output
2. Helical blade shear, vacuum adsorption folding
3. Stepless speed regulation unwind and can adapt to rewind high-low tension paper material
4. Adopt PLC computer programming control, pneumatic paper and easy to operate;
5. Frequency conversion control, saves energy.
6. The product width is adjustable, to meet different market requirement.
7. Supporting paper rolling pattern device, pattern obvious, flexible to market demand. (patterns can by guests choose)
8. It can make “V”type single layer towel and two layers glue lamination.(Optional)

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