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Toilet Paper Roll Making Machine Small Roll Kitchen Embossed Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine Price Toilet Paper Machine

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Product description:

This machine adopts the new international PLC computer programming technology (the system can be upgraded), frequency conversion and speed regulation, and automatic electronic braking.The touch-type man-machine interface operating system, A coreless rewinding forming system is adopted.The application of PLC program wind column forming technology achieves the characteristics of faster rewinding and more beautiful forming.

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Toilet Paper Roll Making Machine Small Roll Kitchen Embossed Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine Price Toilet Paper Machine,
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The overall material of this Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine is made of high-strength steel laser cutting, so that the equipment above embossing, punching, winding rollers are all fastened in the middle of the steel plate. The toilet paper machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, pneumatic control, rewinding, punching, automatic push paper, automatic bar, drawing shaft flattening, automatic trimming, spraying glue in one, which is the best equipment for your production of high and middle grade sanitary roll paper, reduce loss, and improve economic benefits.

Working Process

The working principle is rewinding and perforating the big paper rolls according to need. The machine uses spiral brade for dotted lines stamping, with the advantages of little wearing rate, low noise leveland distinct embossed patterns. The tightness and sheet size and weight can be adjustable.

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Product Paramenters

Machine Model YB-1575/1880/2400/2800/3000
Raw Paper Weight 12-40 g/m2 toilet tissue paper jumbo roll
Finished Diameter 50mm-200mm
Finished Paper Core Diameter 30-55 mm (Please Specify)
Total Power 4.5kw-10 kw
Production Speed 150-300m/min
Voltage 220/380V, 50HZ
Back Stand Three layers synchronous transmission
Perforation Pitch 80-220mm,150-300mm
Punch 2-4 Knife, Spiral Cutter Line
Hole Pitch Positioning of Belt and Chain Wheel
Control System PLC Control, Variable Frequency Speed Control,Touch Screen Operation
Embossing Single Embossing, Double Embossing
Drop Tube Manual, Automatic (Optional)

Product Features

1.This machine is for making toilet paper rolls,the whole structure is wall-type,which make machine running stable at high speed,and noiseless.
2. Perforation distance is adjustable to meet different distance needs.
3. Automatic core feeding system,automatic pushing the log after rewinding,then rewinding the new log again.
4. Automatic edge-trimming,glue spraying and sealing synchronously in one time.Leaving 10-18mm tail,easy to rewind again,so reducing shortcut waste and save the cost.
5. Adopts international advanced PLC programmable controlling technique,man-machine interface operation, data set and parametric fault shows om touch screen.
6. Adopts 4 pieces high Precision spiral knives,low noise,clear perforation,adopt gearbox to have bigger range.
7. Two wall type back stands,pneumatic lifting system,with wide driving flat belts;each jumbo roll can be adjusted independently.
8. Adopt jogging switches for wearing the paper,easy and safe to operate.

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