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China factory economic napkin tissue paper folding making machine price Africa

Short Description:

Product description: YB-high speed napkin machine

The high-speed napkin machine is used to process the raw material tray paper into a square napkin by embossing, folding, electronic counting, and cutting.Automatic embossing and folding during production, no manual folding is required.The pattern of the napkin can be customized according to customer requirements.

Product features:
1.Automatic counting, divided into whole columns, easy to pack.
2.The production speed is fast and the stability is strong.
3.Various different models can be manufactured according to user requirements.
4.It can enhance the synchronous conveying function, automatic paper loading function, monochrome color printing function, and dual-color printing function (need to be customized).

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China factory economic napkin tissue paper folding making machine price Africa,
Our napkin tissue paper folding machine with embossing and printing is for the production of square or rectangular napkin tissue paper. The jumbo tissue rolls which have been slitted into the desired width are embossed and folded into finished products. It is featured of clear embossing, nice folding and easy controlling, max can print 2 color.

Product Description

Young Bamboo Embossed Napkin Folder is for the production of square or rectangular napkin paper. The parent jumbo rolls which have been slit into the desired width are embossed, automatically folded into finished products of napkins. The machine is equipped with electrical shifting device, which can mark the sheet counts of each bundle required, making it easy for packaging. The embossing rolls can be heated by the heating elements, which can make the embossing patterns clearer and better. Depending on the requirement of customer, the machine can be built to make the 1/4,1/6 and 1/8,etc folding.


Working Process


Product Paramenters

Model YB-220/240/260/280/300/330/360/400
Raw material diam <1150 mm
Control system Frequency control, electromagnetic governor
Embossing roller Cots,Wool Roll,Steel to Steel
Embossing type Customized
Voltage 220V/380V
Power 4-8KW
Production speed 0-900 sheets/minute
Counting system Automatic electronic counting
Printing method Rubber Plate Printing
Printing type Single or Double Color Printing (Optioned)
Folding Type V/N/M Type

Product Features

1. Transmission belt drive system;
2. Color printing device adopts flexible printing,the design can be special design for you,
3. Pattern matching paper rolling device, pattern significantly;
4. Electronic counting dislocation row of output;
5. Folding board with mechanical hand to fold paper shape, and then cutting by bandsaw cutter;
6. Other standard models can be customized.

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