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Automatic band saw cutting machine for automatic toilet paper production line

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Toilet Tissue Paper Log Roll Manual Band Saw Cutting Machine

Band saw paper cutting machine is a supporting machine for toilet paper machine and square tissue machine. The automatic band saw paper cutter is dedicated to reducing labor and increasing the safety of the paper cutting process. It can be used to cut custom-sized toilet paper rolls and square tissues.

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Young Bamboo Manual band saw paper cutter machine is the equipment for roll Toilet Paper and Kitchen Towel, it is the supporting for rewinding and perforated toilet paper machine. The main function is to cut the rewind big toilet paper into various kinds of standard small rolls.
The equipment is operated by using PLC program control,big screen true color human﹣computer interface. The precise servo control feed length, electromechanical integration control and other international advanced technology con automatically detect each key action,has good fault information prompt system, make the whole production line achieving the best working state.

Working Process


Product Paramenters

Machine model
Max Jumbo Roll Width
3000mm (Jumbo roll width to order)
Design Speed
120-150 cuts /min 1 roll /cut
Production speed
90 cuts/minm, base on the length of roll
Finished product height
30-150 mm
Power type
380V / 220V
For more parameters and customization requirements, please contact us

Product Features

1. The transducer independent driver is used in the main motor.
2. Roller Clamp is adjustable. The size of dia is in the range of 150-300mm.
3. Auto blade grinding system. Grinding stone auto adjusted according to the wastage situation of blade.
4. The dust elimination system of blade grinding part working independent for keeping clear environment.
5. Hydraulic tension system for keeping blade tension strength.
6. The cutting knife automatically stops and gives an alarm.
7. The high precision servo system is used in the feed motor servo system, to ensure the quality of the finished product.
8. The equipment automatically calculate the quantity of the finished product being cut; according to the raw material and the
length of the finished product.
9. When data input is incorrect, the equipment breaks off and prompts to adjust on the interface.
10. Cut with knife is used in the equipment, which reduce the use cost of the user;

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