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What is the toilet paper production process?

toilet paper production line

First of all, we need to know what toilet paper processing is.The toilet paper processing industry belongs to the secondary processing of raw paper for toilet paper.The raw materials used are raw materials that have been prepared by the paper mill, called large shaft paper and bar paper.The finished products from the secondary processing equipment we purchased, there are many models of toilet paper processing equipment, which can be used according to our own and local market conditions.Papermaking is not something that ordinary individuals can open casually, because papermaking involves environmental protection and huge investment.Generally, those who choose to do the toilet paper industry choose to do secondary processing.

What we call toilet paper processing refers to secondary processing, which does not involve environmental protection, waste water, and exhaust gas; it is only secondary rewinding, slitting, and packaging, which are long-term environmental protection and stability projects.The equipment can generally choose the rewinding machine equipment of Henan Young Bamboo Industrial Co., Ltd.After the three-phase electricity is in place, after the master adjusts the toilet paper processing equipment, you can start production.

First of all, after ordering the equipment, auxiliary equipment and raw materials such as base paper, packaging bags, air compressors, and cattle must be purchased.

The basic process of toilet paper processing equipment is roughly divided into three steps:
1. Rewinding Rewinding is to put the large shaft of paper on the paper rack of the rewinding machine, rewind the paper, and roll out the required diameter and size.The machine automatically cuts off the spray glue.

2. Toilet paper cutting is to cut the long strips of toilet paper rolls after rewinding according to the specified length.

3. Packaging refers to packing, bagging, and sealing the cut rolls of paper.

toilet  tissue machine (2)
toilet cutting machine (1)
paper packing machine (2)

The overall process of toilet paper processing is roughly like this. I hope it can help you. For more new knowledge about the toilet paper industry, please pay attention to us

Post time: Apr-20-2024