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What is the economical way to dry the egg tray?

The drying of egg trays is generally the selected dryer. The specific choice of dryer needs to be decided according to the actual situation. Let's briefly analyze it first.

1: Dry naturally

The main heat source of this drying method is the sun, which is suitable for small egg tray machines with less investment and fast results.
2: Brick kiln drying

It is suitable for sites where the site is relatively large and it is convenient to burn coal.


3: Metal dryer

The investment is large, it is more convenient to move than a brick kiln, and it covers an area of less than a brick kiln.

The steel structure drying channel and the concrete drying channel are mainly divided by the different materials of the drying channel.The principle is basically the same.So we mainly talk about the principle.The principle of drying is to heat the entire drying channel. Under normal circumstances, a heating point is set up in the middle part of the drying channel to heat the entire drying channel. Refractory steel materials are used in the steel structure drying channel, while refractory bricks are used in the concrete drying channel. Because the middle part will always be heated, the temperature is very high, and the entire drying channel is heated by the flow of hot air, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.


Our company can provide a variety of heating methods, such as coal-fired heating, natural gas heating, electric heating, etc. Of course, the most economical is coal-fired heating, but considering the current environmental protection requirements, it is recommended that everyone use natural gas heating. Not only is the cost not high, but more importantly, it does not pollute the environment.From the point of view of heat consumption, compared with the heating efficiency of steel structures, the heating efficiency of concrete drying channels is higher, because the thermal conductivity of metals is much stronger than that of soil and stones, so there will be more heat consumption in terms of escape, and the steel structure drying channel has more advantages in terms of cleanliness and aesthetics.The benevolent see the benevolent and the wise see the wise, and the right is the best.

Post time: Apr-08-2023