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How much money can you make by processing a ton of napkins

Napkins are used for cleaning after meals. Whether it is a five-star hotel, a four-star three-star hotel, or a roadside snack bar, napkins are needed.The sales of napkins are also very large.The catering industry is everywhere, and with the development, the consumption of napkins has been accelerated.Napkins are also in short supply.

The machine used to make napkins is a napkin machine. The napkin machine is mainly used to fold the kind of rectangular and square napkins we see in restaurants, restaurants and other places. The raw material used for this kind of napkin is plate paper.The napkin machine embosses the tray paper, folds it into a certain size of napkin, and then cuts it into two rows by a band saw paper cutter. The whole machine is automatically transported from the base paper, embossed, folded, and cut into one-stop production.

Semi Automatic Napkin Paper Production Line

napkin machine
simple packing machine (2)
water sealing machine (1)

Generally, napkins are rarely packaged, and many are packed directly in large white bags.Then sell it to restaurants, restaurants, etc.It saves us a sum of packaging costs, and the investment in napkins is very small, and the profit is relatively good.Nowadays, the market has aesthetic requirements for napkins, and napkins will have embossed and embossed patterns.Such napkins are more marketable.

The raw material is tray paper, and the quality is different and the price is different.For example: Large high-end restaurants will choose high-quality napkins.A snack bar is a napkin of middle and lower quality.The better the raw materials are used, the higher the profit.Of course, you still have to choose the right raw materials according to your customer needs.

What about household paper, wood, rice, oil and salt, the price is not high, and the amount of use is large.The net profit of napkins is about 800-1000.Everyone is different, and the actual profit in the end depends on personal sales.

Semi Automatic Napkin Paper Production Line

napkin machine
paper packing machine (4)

Post time: May-17-2024