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”Do you know what types of egg trays are divided into? ”


Egg trays are divided into 3 types according to the production materials:

One: Pulp egg tray

Commonly used are 30 egg trays and pulp egg cartons. The main production raw materials are recycled paper, cardboard, old books, newspapers, etc. Through special production processes, egg trays of various shapes and sizes can be made. Because the raw materials are all recycled paper, the production is simple and fast, and it can be recycled and reused again in the future. It can be called a little guardian of environmental protection and has been internationally recognized.

The production of pulp egg trays is inseparable from the egg tray machine. The egg tray machine has less investment and fast results, which is suitable for most entrepreneurs to use.

Two: Plastic egg tray

Plastic egg trays can be divided into plastic egg trays and PVC transparent egg boxes depending on the raw materials produced.

1. Plastic egg trays are injection molded products. The main raw materials are extracted from some oils, such as PC materials, ABC, POM, etc. Plastic egg trays are stronger, durable, pressure-resistant, and drop-resistant, but the seismic resistance is lower than that of pulp trays, but also because the raw materials are not environmentally friendly enough, the scope of use is more restricted.

2. PVC transparent egg boxes, because of their transparency and beautiful placement, are loved by major supermarkets, but due to the characteristics of raw materials, the egg boxes are relatively soft and not suitable for multi-layer placement, and the transportation cost is higher.

Three:pearl cotton egg tray

With the development of the e-commerce industry, eggs are also quietly moving towards express transportation, so pearl cotton egg trays can fully meet the delivery of eggs in the express transportation industry.The cost is high, and the raw materials cannot meet the environmental protection conditions. Currently, they are only used for egg transportation in the express delivery industry!

Post time: Mar-28-2023