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Customers from Tanzania come to visit the factory and order napkin machines

Because the Canton Fair has been held recently, many foreign customers have also come to China to visit. The couple are from Tanzania and have their own business in the local area. After a period of communication, they are very interested in our napkin machine, and the finished paper is also very popular in the local area. They came to China through this Canton Fair.Go directly to our factory for inspection.

At the factory, we tested the machine for our customers and introduced to them how to use, maintain, etc. the napkin machine, as well as the supporting paper product packaging equipment. The customer is also very recognized by the finished product effect of the napkin. We updated the PI for the customer on the spot, because the embossing customers of this napkin machine like it very much. Under normal circumstances, the most time-consuming thing before ordering the machine is to make the embossing roller, but this embossing roller happens to be in stock and can be shipped directly. The customer immediately paid the deposit and promised to pay the balance after two days.

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After sending the customer back to the hotel, I originally thought that the customer would go back on the plane that night, but due to heavy rain in Guangzhou, the flight has been postponed, but fortunately, the visa card that the customer carries with him can be directly exchanged for RMB near the airport, so before leaving, the customer paid us the balance of the napkin machine.
The next day, we shipped the napkin machine to the customer, and when the customer left Guangzhou, we had already delivered the machine to the warehouse in Guangzhou, which could be sent to Tanzania along with his other equipment.

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The various paper product production machinery in our factory has always maintained the principle of quality first, and has perfect sales and after-sales service to ensure pre-sale, sale, and after-sale, and give customers more ideas. Finally, welcome to consult and visit our factory.

Post time: May-31-2024